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ok but a mute lesbian knight who kicks ass and slays 10000 men and is a star jouster and is loved by everyone in her village but has to lean up and whisper in her girlfriend’s ear anytime she needs to give instructions to her cavalry

Rumors start up about how her voice is too terrible and mighty to be heard by commonfolk, which is why her girlfriend serves as her official crier

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it’s fantastic because it is yours(◡‿◡✿)

heateus meme → two guest stars/minor characters
   ↳ [1/2] michael pitt as mason verger

45 Things I Want to See More of in Stories (Post-Apocalyptic Edition)


  1. Leftover inconveniences (braces, casts, etc.)
  2. Renewable energy
  3. Creative attempts at fuel
  4. Cooperation
  5. Warlords
  6. Increased infant mortality
  7. Change in hierarchy (laborers more important than white-collar workers, etc.)
  8. New governmental structures
  9. Mercenary groups
  10. Formation of new states
  11. Formation of non-state groups
  12. Regrowth of land
  13. Lack of food security
  14. Reduction in gun usage (as ammunition runs out)
  15. Decrease in age of pregnancy and/or marriage (as life expectancy decreases)
  16. Direct effects of the apocalyptic event
  17. Increased multi-generational homes (as building houses becomes difficult again)
  18. Increased multi-family homes
  19. Attempts at sophisticated surgery with rudimentary tools
  20. Reduction in birth control
  21. General reduction in technology that requires sophisticated manufacturing
  22. Simple food
  23. Handmade clothing
  24. Clothing from animal products
  25. Houses built for natural lighting
  26. Attempted—and failed—swift adjustments to lack of technology
  27. Changes in views of morality
  28. Different types of law enforcement
  29. Changes in religion
  30. Attempted attachment to old societies
  31. Deliberate breakaways from old societies
  32. Attempts to cling on to old ideas of beauty despite changes in available beauty products
  33. Reduction in hygiene
  34. Increase in water-borne illnesses and parasites
  35. Lack of clean water
  36. Reduction in luxury goods
  37. Increase in homelessness
  38. Lack of communication capabilities
  39. Return to radio
  40. Lack of light pollution
  41. Attempted school systems
  42. Return to apprenticeship-style teaching
  43. Return to agricultural-style living
  44. Dealing with environmental fallout from apocalyptic event
  45. Dealing with environmental fallout from previous generations



Done by Julie Sarda. I love these all so much. They’re dark, but happy.



Luigi Pirandello, Diana a la Tuda, 1926


Amazing Google Doodles for Tolstoy’s 186th Birthday

characters who share your personality type

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i tag no one because i am the last person to do this thing :D

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Nestor Carbonell at Bates Motel Comic-Con with Carlton Cuse










Closing my eyes doesn’t help. Fire burns brighter in the darkness.

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